Who is here?
Grzegorz Gębik
Admirer of minimalism and simplicity.
Whippets lover with an interest in black and white photography.
International multi awards winner and published dog photographer.
Based in Poland, available worldwide.
Dog shows.
Photo shoots.
Dog products lifestyle photography on location.
Born in 1979 in Zakopane, Poland.
Has been photographing for 20 years. 
Particularly specializing in canine photography since 2012, mainly covering major shows around Europe.
Published in canine and lifestyle magazines around the world.
Professional member of WDPA (World Dog Press Association) since 2018.

UK Kennel Club Dog Photographer Of The Year 2014
"Portrait" category winner
WDPA photo competition 2022
"Men's best friend" category runner-up
American Whippet Club National Specialty 2023 art show
"Professional photography" category winner
WDPA photo competition 2023
"Hero dog" category runner-up
WDPA photo competition 2023
"Portrait" category 3rd place

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