Dog photography
After photo shoot or ringside session I upload previews of pictures in special proofing section. Client marks favourites and is notified when selected are ready to download. 
During busy shows usually I send previews directly and email files after selection. 
Photo shoot
I offer wide range of photo sessions. It can be shooting your show dog, litter of puppies, your best friend with or without you, dog products lifestystyle photography on location and much more. Imagination is the limit and I'm always ready for new challenge.
price discussed individually
Mini photo shoot
Usually takes place before, during or after the dog show where time and space are limited.
€50 - 3 pictures to choose
€10 - additional picture
€20 - single picture
Ringside photography
The essence of every dog show. Apart of capturing your dog at its best on the move and stacked I'm always looking for some special emotions, bond and different perspective.
*rates may differ for special shows
From more or less subtle corrections, colour grading through black and white conversion, objects erasing to more complex post processing of the whole sessions. I always want to mantain natural look unless something different is intended.
from €5
Graphic design
I'm always excited to create something you will be happy and proud to share printed or via social media, website.
Advert, announcement
I design every project individually and can work with good quality pictures taken by me or others.
from €50 - for printed magazines etc
from €25 - for digital use
Logo, bussiness cards, www or social media elements and more.
You can ask me about every graphic element to be designed. If I have time and feel I can help I will be happy to work on it.
price discussed individually
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